Preparation for Travel

Preparions for a journey takes numerous forms and  each individual’s  preparation is unique.  One Chapeltown community member states “I like to check my flight, ready myself, and go [to the airport] really, really early…  I like to get to the airport 4 to 5 hours early.  From the time I hit the train station, I start to relax.  At the train station, I sit back and relax and the journey is my journey.  I make it my journey.”

In quantum research, preparing photons for travel requires the time consuming task of manipulating small mirrors to ideal angles, done in order to construct the optimal travel route.  Minute miscalculation of mirror angle/s frequently result in unpredictable and unwanted twists and shift in the journey,  equivalent to the derailment of a train.  If this happens, the preparation must begin again, starting with the very first mirror.