Building The Performance Script

One of the five goals in undertaking this project was to bring two seemingly dissimilar communities into dialogue with one another.

Notes From University of Oxford Department of PhysicsAbove:  The path of a photon in experimentation mode informed the photon-dance in the performance script, performed by David Hamilton and Joe Williams.  Drawing and physics understanding contributed by physicist Axel Kuhn.





Above:  Photon emission between optical resonators.  This process was superbly embodies by David Hamilton in performance.   Drawing and physics understanding made available through the contribution of physicist Axel Kuhn.

Below: Notes from Chapeltown African Caribbean community artist (Please note that correction to an error in this post has been made.  Incorrectly identified as ‘immigrant community’ or ‘immigrant,’  this correction has been made possible through the contribution of artist-historian Joe Williams.)

Below:  My notes from after the first week of rehearsal.  The building of the script was a continuous process made possible only through the steadfast courage and trust of both communities.

Bringing the two communities into dialogue with one another opened up,
for both communities, new ways of thinking about old, “common-placed,”