9th and 10th Weeks

The 9th week was the week of the Open Rehearsal at Workshop Theatre at the University of Leeds.   It was also the week leading up to the performance at Seven Arts.  The performance script was not yet finalized, but the tone and temperament of the merger between the arts and physics was well established in the script.  The Open Rehearsal took place on 4th April and played to a small and receptive audience.  This rehearsal was successful in several ways including helping to clarify the final live performance section and its movement into the video compilation that completes the performance.  The post performance exchange gave this vibrant audience the opportunity to ask questions and share their experience of the performance.  One audience member, the local physicist consultant on the project,   Almut Beige, expressed delight in the ways in which the physics material was incorporated into local migration narratives and complimented the performers on their embodiment of the proton’s journey in quantum experiments.

The 10th week culminated in the performance of 11 April.   The week was dedicated to ensuring that the final sections of this multimedia, cross disciplinary research process was in place to ensure a success Leeds presentation.