3rd Week – Update

Train platform with a person in motion
By Mojtaba Moharrer

The project, which began 1 February 2013, has reached some milestones.  The basic website is now up and running and will continue to be updated regularly throughout the life of the project.  The Chapeltown community has welcomed the project, with organizations such as the Leeds West Indian Centre and the Frederick Hurdle Day Centre inviting African Caribbean community members to participate in interview sessions.  With this, Dr. Carl Hylton, based at the West Indian Centre, has been of invaluable assistance in the sharing of his knowledge of community culture.

The collecting of community narrative began Saturday, 17 February, open to all adult African Caribbean community members of Chapeltown.  Rich and powerful stories as short as 3 minutes and as long as 20 minutes have been collected and we look forward to more.

Joe Williams, David Hamilton, and I have had several meetings around the basic design of the project and they have provided pivotal guidance and suggestions with regards to performance dynamics of the Chapeltown African diasporic community.

On my visit of Oxford University earlier in the month, Dr. Axel Kuhn gave a tour of the physics lab and introduced postgraduate students who agreed to be interviewed as a part of the project. Axel sat with me for more than two hours explaining the behaviour of photons in captured environments and how photon movement toward each other and pairing behaviour reveals something about the make-up of the photon itself. How will this inform the project? You are invited to come back and see.